A Study of Schizophrenia Malcolm A

A Study of Schizophrenia
Malcolm A. Riley
Toledo Technology Academy

A Study of Schizophrenia

Definition and Background
Mental diseases are a problem that a substantial number of people are burdened with these diseases can hinder one's ability to be a properly functioning part of society. While most of them are not completely curable they can be suppressed. One of these crippling mental diseases is schizophrenia. (Schizophrenia. (n.d.),2016)“Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. Although schizophrenia is not as common as other mental disorders, the symptoms can be very disabling.” Even though it doesn't affect as many people as other mental issues it's still a huge problem. While schizophrenia has likely been around for centuries and wasn't discovered until pretty recently. Schizophrenia was discovered by Eugen Bleuler, a Swiss eugenicist, and physiatrist. (Tracyn. (2012, April 20).

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Gender Norms in Igbo Culture

Gender Norms in Igbo CultureGender Norms in Igbo Culture “We say that mother is supreme” (Achebe 134). Many perceive the molded positions of men and women as prominent in Igbo culture, as Okonkwo, but his bold assumptions do not match up to the reality of his society. Things Fall Apart is a novel in which Igbo culture is shown through the fate and chi of the main character Okonkwo. He is an authoritative leader, though his fortune does not treat him advantageously. The development of his character through tragic flaws reveals the complex social hierarchy within Igbo society, one in which Okonkwo fails to see. A tragic flaw is a characteristic present in a character, one in which leads to their ultimate downfall. In Things Fall Apart, author Chinua Achebe uses tragic flaws to develop Okonkwo, leading him to neglect gender roles within Igbo society, overall leaving Igbo citizens unwilling to fight in the face of cultural change. Hubris as a tragic flaw in Okonkwo develops his lack of understanding for the gender roles in Igbo society, as he looks down on even those who are capable

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It was December third

It was December third, a normal Monday until it was not-so-normal… I was at regular Monday dance rehearsals; pointe variation, private for thirty minutes, then technique for an hour, and lastly contemporary small group for thirty minutes. My toes were aching after taking off my pointe shoes, so I was excited to go take technique class with no shoes required. After a vigorous stretch, Nicole, my dance teacher, explained that she wanted to make class fun and engaging, while still working on our endurance.
“I was thinking we would do a relay race as part of our conditioning today!” Secretly I was thinking of all the things that could go wrong, as I remember past experiences. I just have a bad feeling about this… Something always happens when we do relay races with no sneakers while on a slippery, wood floor. All my other teammates cheered in excitement as Nicole started explaining the contents of the race.
Oh great! We have to do acrobatics in this race?! While moving as fast as possible?! I have a bad gut feeling about this…

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